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The M&D and East Kent Bus Club was formed in 1952 and aims to bring together those interested in the road passenger transport of Kent and East Sussex.

Membership is open to applicants from all areas of the UK and overseas.

The Club caters for all those interested in the vehicles and general operations of Arriva, Stagecoach, and other operators in most of Kent and neighbouring parts of East Sussex (including Hastings and Bexhill).

You can find out more about the history of the Maidstone & District and East Kent bus companies that gave our Club its name by clicking here.

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Members and others wishing to post photos and discuss the local bus scene, may wish to register to join the Invicta e-group, an independent forum for both current and historical topics.



News from our monthly magazine

  • - More Sprinters for Arriva for Maidstone and Guildford, and details of new vehicles due imminently for Maidstone and Gillingham.
  • - Rumour confirmed: Hybrids head to Merseyside; newer, but diesel vehicles arrive in exchange.
  • - Service changes lead to more double-deckers on Canterbury City Services 21 and 25 and Folkestone 127
  • - Eastbourne Dotto resumes for the summer - with full timetable leaflet!
  • - Substantial changes to Commuter operations on the way: Chalkwell withdraw, Kings Ferry launch new route and thin others, Clarkes change timetables.
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